MEDEVAC based on the Toyota LC 78 Print

MEDEVAC based on the Toyota LC 78

Toyota LC78 Conversion

The Toyota Land Cruiser 78 is a rigid, framed vehicle, with a long history from operations in difficult terrain. The applied technology is a highly esteemed asset on vehicles operating where infrastructure is missing. The well proven and durable six cylinder 4,2 litre inline engine is one of the world`s most produced engines, and thus holding a superb accessibility on the world market. The EMC properties are favourable due to the basic construction f the vehicle, resulting in good communication capacities on any radio system.

Arctic Trucks improves this vehicles mobility extensively whether the car is part of an existing fleet or a new vehicle is wanted. The mobility is heavily improved by modifying the driveline, leaving the customer with a long range of desirables such as; improved ground clearance, better flotation on soft surface, less strain on vehicle and personnel, reduced running costs etc.

The LC 78 can be adapted to a wide range of missions in addition to Medevac, such as patrolling, EOD services, Logistic support, dog transport, commando vehicle, MP and so forth. The usage of the vehicle is only limited by the customer wishes.

The vehicle can be fitted with a wide range of CCIS materiel in cooperation with the customer. Communication systems, navigation systems, shielded caballing and power supply as requested.

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Toyota LC78 Contents

  • Engine: 4.164cc, 6 cylinders in line, OHC
  • Turbo charger: Option
  • Filtration: Extra heavy duty fuel and air filtration
  • Gearbox: 5 speed manual, dual-range
  • Brakes front/rear: Disc/drum
  • Tyres front/rear: 315x75R16
  • Rim: Hutchinson 16x8 split rim
  • Run Flat: Hutchinson VFI
  • Suspension front/rear: Heavy duty Coil/Leaf springs
  • Shock absorbers: Heavy duty with extended oil reservoir
  • Winch: Detachable winch with front and rear mounting.
  • Dimensions: Length: 4.990mm
  • Width: 1.770mm
  • Height: 2.120mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.980mm
  • Ground clearance: 420 mm under belly
  • Number of doors: 3
  • Seats front/rear: 4, two front and two rear.
  • Fuel tank: 2 ea, 90 + 90 litres.
  • Light equipment:
  • Xenon extra headlamps
  • Remote controlled Search light
  • 2 x high mounted back up lights
  • 4 x side faced working lights
  • IR lights
  • Black out capacity
  • AC Included.
  • Medical equipment: On request.
  • Air compressor: Viair with air tanks and outlets.
  • EL: 12V with dual 105 AH batteries.
  • 120A generator
  • 24 V converter.
  • Power outlets as requested.

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